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Crane Control Unit (CCU-2)

Crane Control Unit (CCU-2)

Crane Control Unit (CCU-2), (produced by the PJSC “Scientific-Production Enterprise “Teploautomat”) CCU-2 is designed for remote and local (manual) control of pneumatic or pneumohydraulic actuators of bi-directional pipeline valves (especially of ball valves DN 250-1400 mm), butterfly valves and other tilting units. The unit is designed for direct installation on the drive shaft. CCU provides both visual and electrical signalling at the end positions of the drive shaft.


Gas mains, equipment systems for gas-distributing and compressor stations, gas collecting main, gas storage

CCU-2 operation is under such climate conditions possible: temperature from minus 60°C to plus 55°C, relative humidity of 100% at +25°C.

- Working environment: non-aggressive natural gas or compressed air, purified and dried.
- Fluid pressure MPa (kgf / cm2):
- min - 0,6 (6,0);
- max - 16.0 (160).
- Power consumption - no more than 20 watts.
- Operating mode of the electromagnet: long (100% duty cycle).
- Control signal: remote-electrical DC voltage of 24, 110 or 220 or the manual (local), a force not more than 30 N (3 kgf).
- Output: pneumatic, discrete, equal to the working environment pressure.
- Nominal bore: 8 mm.
- Weight: not more than 13,1 kg.


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