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Crane Control Unit (CCU-3)

Crane Control Unit (CCU-3)

Crane Control Unit (CCU-3), (produced by the PJSC “Scientific-Production Enterprise “Teploautomat”) is designed for remote and local (manual) control of pneumatic or pneumohydraulic actuators of bi-directional pipeline valves (especially of ball valves DN 250-1400 mm), butterfly valves and other tilting units. Units are capable of work with the devices of signalling at the end positions of the shut-off cock «open» or «closed“


Gas mains, equipment systems for gas-distributing and compressor stations, gas collecting main, gas storage

CCU-3 operation is under such climate conditions possible: temperature from minus 60°C to plus 55°C, relative humidity of 100% at +25°C.

- Working environment: non-aggressive natural gas or compressed air, purified and dried.
- Fluid pressure MPa (kgf / cm2):
- min - 0,6 (6,0);
- max - 16.0 (160).
- Power consumption - no more than 20 watts.
- Operating mode of the electromagnet: long (100% duty cycle).
- Control signal: remote-electrical DC voltage of 24, 110 or 220 or the manual (local), a force not more than 30 N (3 kgf).
- Output: pneumatic, discrete, equal to the working environment pressure
- Weight: not more than 9,8 kg.


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