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Filter drier for ball valves actuator

Filter drier
Filter drier
Filter drier
Filter drier for ball valves actuator

Filter drier  for ball valves actuator, (produced by the PJSC “Scientific-Production Enterprise “Teploautomat”) is designed to purify and dry instrument gas, which is supplied to the control assembly of the pneumohydraulic actuators of the ball valves DN50-1400 PN up to 16.0 MPa.

Operating principal of the filter-drier: from the supply pipe the gas is fed into the filter body, where three preparation courses are held:
— rough purification (mechanical impurity purification);
— desiccant drying using a sorbent;
— fine purification from mechanical impurities.
Then purified and dried gas is fed to the control assembly.

Use: for a complete set of ball valve DN 50-1400.

Ball valves are installed on gas mains, compressor and gas distributing stations, etc.


Filter drier operation is under such climate conditions possible: temperature from minus 60°C to plus 55°C, relative humidity of 100% at +25°C.


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