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Electrohydraulic amplifier (EHA.S-P)

Electrohydraulic amplifiers (EHA.S-P), (servovalves) are devices which produce hydraulic flow output ported to an actuator proportional to electrical (current) input.

Electrohydraulic amplifiers EHA.S-P are commonly used where precise control of force, acceleration, velocity, or position is required.
Amplifiers are used in electrohydraulic control systems of:
— equipment for vibration testing of materials, structural components and complete vehicles;
— stands for traffic simulation (flight, riding, swimming, etc.)
— industrial robots and manipulators;
— hydraulic and gas turbines;
— solution of rolling mills;
— press equipment;
— machine tools;
— railway tamping machines;
— electric melting furnaces;
— vibratory seismic devices, etc.



Specifications of EHA.S-P
 — Measurement range of DC input signal:
     — for series connection of coils: +7.5 mA;
     — for parallel connection of coils: +15 mA.

  — Working medium: mineral oil with the following parameters:
     — viscosity in oil working temperature range: 7 to 70 mm2/s;
     — oil working temperature range: +20 to +70°С;
     — filtration rate: not worse than 16 μm.

   — Supply pressure:
     — minimum:  1.6 MPa (16 kgf/cm2);
     — maximum: 21 MPa (210 kgf/cm2).

Oil flow rate:
  — in case of pressure drop on amplifier of 7 MPa (70 kgf/cm2) and maximum input signal: (38+4) l/min.
   — Amplifier dead band: not more than 1%.
   — Non-linearity of flow characteristic: not more than 10%.
   — Amplifier hysteresis: not more than 3%.
   — Frequency corresponding to phase shift of 90°: not less than 100 Hz
   — Overall dimensions: 110*115*85 mm.
   — Mass: within 1.7 kg.

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