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Metal turning at the best prices in Europe

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”Teploautomat” Company provides turning services for products manufactured of all kinds of metals: non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, bronze alloys, etc.) and ferrous metals (non-alloyed steels, alloyed steels, stainless alloys and steels, cast irons).

Our specialists are ready to fulfill order of any size: both for large and small lots of various metal parts. We guarantee for our Customers a high speed of metal turning on CNC turning machines without loss of quality.

The manufactured products are subject to strict control of compliance with the requirements for roughness. Basing on the results of the said check, the following kind of after-turning treatment are performed:

- Rough machining
- Finish machining
- Final polishing

You may order parts manufactured with the use of the following operations on CNC turning machines:

— Threading (internal and external)
   — Processing and nicking
   — Boring
   — Trimming
   — Countersinking
   — Wrapping relief
— Surface treatment (external and internal, cylindrical and tapered, and shaped)
   — Deployment
   — Cutting
   — Chamfering (mechanical)

The following turning equipment is used in our work:

Turning center DOOSAN Lynx 220


- Maximum workpiece diameter: not more than 320 mm.
- Maximum length: 800 mm.

Turning center FORCE ONE FCL-250S


- Maximum workpiece diameter: not more than 600 mm.
- Maximum length: 455 mm.

Development of drawings is possible

In addition to rendering services on metal turning, we can prepare drawings of the products manufactured by us, if required by the Customer.


Molochnaya street 38, Kharkov, Ukraine. 61001